Contact information

SDL Product Design & Consulting
website: SDLANTOS.COM &
e-mail: SLANTOS(at)GMAIL(dot)COM


Completed degrees and diplomas

Chemistry (Specialist), 1992-1996
McMaster University, Hamiltorn, Ontario, Canada

Chemistry, 1996-1998
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Other education


  • Foundations of industrial design: Developing winning new products MKT2320 (2010), Algonquin College

Software and Web Design

  • Web Design Theory MTM5017 (2010), Algonquin College
  • NLM Tag Suite 3.0 and Documents (2010), Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
  • Customizing the NLM Journal 3.0 Tag Sets (2010), Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
  • XML Fundamentals CST6491 (2008), Algonquin College


  • Dialogue and Interpersonal Communication (2010), Sprott School of Business
  • Copy Editing 1 (2003), Editor’s Association of Canada

Trainer workshop

  • How Adults Learn (2007), Langevin Learning Services

Professional work experience

SDL Product Design & Consulting, 2010 to present

National Research Council, Research Press, 2005 to 2010

National Research Council, Research Press, 2002 to 2005

Calian Technologies, 2001 to 2002

Nortel Networks, 2000 to 2001

Physicians For A Smoke-Free Canada, 1998 to 2000


K.N. Robertson, P.K. Bakshi, S.D. Lantos, T.S. Cameron, and O. Knop
Can. J. Chem. 76, 583-611 (1998)

Hydrogen Bonding Between Tetraphenyl Borate Anions and Nitrogen Containing Cations and a Novel Amine-Borane Compound

Characterization and Improvement of an Industrial Cleaning Agent


  • RESEARCH PAPER: “Strategy of Deception: Second-Hand Smoke Research and Policies”
  • SLIDESHOW: “So What If I Smoke? Facts You Should Know”
  • BOOKLET: “Second-Hand Smoke”
  • FACT SHEETS: Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke, Ventilation, Restrictions, etc
  • Interactive online “Dictionary of tobacco terms”

Computer skills

Framemaker, kompozer, GIMP, NLM DTD, Proprietary (RP) DTD, XMetaL (Author and Developer), eXtyles, MathType, MathFlow, NetMeeting, Corel Wordperfect, HMPPS Database, NMIMS Database, CGCM Database, CCInfo Disk, TeXsan, Shelx, xp, xd, ChemDraw, Cambridge Structural Database, DOS, Windows and Unix Environments, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, QuattroPro, Lotus123, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Access, Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Filemaker

Personal interests

Working out, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cycling, scrabble, baking, and my kids. Not in this order.

Details of work experience

User Interface Design

Greek Wrap Tool & Toolbar (XMetaL)

  • Responsible for gathering all user requirements
  • Responsible for conception & design based on user requirements (initial sketch available)
    • allows user to select and deselect individual or group Greek entities from list
    • allows user to “wrap” selected entities with <bold> or <italic> tagging
    • allows user to remove <bold> or <italic> tagging from selected entities
  • Responsible for all communication with developers, all approvals, all testing, final acceptance, all deployment of product and user training in-house and externally.

Insert Entity Unicode Conversion & Modification (XMetaL)

  • Project based on operational requirement (entities to Unicode from named)
  • Responsible for conception & design, including:
    • allows user to identify entities based on “glyph”, hexcode, or named version
    • added benefit of “entity modules” that are completely configurable in-house
  • Responsible for all communication with developers, all approvals, all testing, final acceptance, all deployment of product and user training in-house and externally
  • Operational requirements changed (no longer need Unicode):
  • Independently found solution for $0 more

Software Product Design

  • Numbered references
  • Responsible for conception and production of large number of XML development projects and eXtyles macros to address user needs
  • Project manager for multiple projects within NRC Research Press (Greek Character Set; Numbered Reference Journal Rollout; Greek Wrap Tool; Unicode conversion of MathFlow; Unicode conversion of toolbar icons; Insert Entity tool and conversion to Unicode; coordination and streamlining of premarking for Charlesworth)
  • Responsible for analyzing root cause of production issues across platforms and within XML software products

Leading testing efforts and ensuring issues are identified, tracked, reported on, and resolved in a timely manner

  • Lead (often, only) tester for all Word, Windows, eXtyles, MathFlow, MathType, XMetaL updates
  • Lead (often, only) tester for various new developments across applications in XML work environment
  • Worked with R&D teams as tester on new hazardous materials database for Department of National Defense, including:
  • Designed and performed tests on software
  • Reported product defects to design teams
  • Validated fixes
  • Constantly ensure all issues are correctly identified, tracked, reported on, and resolved in timely manner

Liaison between staff, users, and vendors or development teams

  • Primary liaison between staff, users, and Charlesworth for all premarking requirements
  • Primary liaison between staff, users, and vendors of eXtyles, XMetaL, MathType, and MathFlow (Inera, JustSystems, and Design Science).
  • Primary liaison between users and managers on many technological solutions (for example, Word solutions; Taxonomy solutions; eXtyles macros; RP DTD changes; etc.)
  • Primary liaison between T&R and staff for all relevant software installation and updates (eXtyles, XMetaL, MathFlow, Mathtype, etc)
  • Formulating and defining the objectives and scope of projects
  • Enjoy using initiative and trouble-shooting skills to successfully solve “impossible” problems with minimum cost and time (“automatic renumbering of numbered references”; “Entity insert tool”; etc.)

Meeting changing needs

  • Recent example: Hexcode development
    • Months into development, I learned that there were serious problems with layout software accepting hexcode. Although it would mean significant changes to development I had been working on, I brought these issues (and a couple of possible solutions) to the attention of my manager. Subsequently, a decision was made to delay rollout of hexcode across all platforms because of the layout problems. Rather than allowing the $10,000 that had been spent to go to waste, I immediately proposed a “creative solution” of rolling out development I had been working on (the “Entity insert tool”), with modifications to meet current user needs, while still allowing for an easy switch to hexcode at a later date.
    • RESULT: Worked with developer to enact necessary changes in timely (<1 week) and cost-effective ($0) manner.

Working closely with business users to resolve ongoing functional issues

  • Specifically responsible for turning around CJP in the XML system (2009/2010) by addressing significant technological issues (MathFlow patch; export filter issues; training)
  • Daily, work closely with all users to resolve ongoing functional issues, from training; to development; to project design, implementation, and alteration; in order to keep editorial work progressing smoothly under deadline.

Gathering data and analyzing business and user needs

  • Organized and facilitated regular, monthly user group meetings for eXtyles and XMetaL users, leading to a number of new projects to address user needs
  • Specifically responsible for turning around the Canadian Journal of Physics in the XML system (2009/2010) by gathering user data, analyzing and prioritizing problems, creating solutions
  • Working in conjunction with managers and copyeditors, responsible for conception and production of large number of XML development projects and eXtyles macros to address user needs
  • Set up and maintenance of various spreadsheets used to gather business and user needs data for various projects, including Charlesworth, Style Committee, etc.


  • XML Trainer (2006 to 2010) for group, individual, in-house, and remote (across Canada and China)
  • Responsible for all training material (binders, work files, exercises) for XML training (2006 to 2010)
  • Guest speaker at 33rd IUATLD World Conference on Lung Health (October 2002)
  • Interpreted and clarified complex scientific concepts for media and general public
  • Interviewed by media on controversial health-related topics
  • Performed graduate seminar and thesis defence at Dalhousie University
  • Presented tutorials to first and second year university students
  • Aided students in resource center one-on-one tutoring

Trainer experience

  • Responsible for all eXtyles, XMetaL, MathType, MathFlow training of staff (in-house and remote, group and one-on-one)
  • Responsible for creation of training binder material and constant binder updates
  • Responsible for creation of format of training and constant updates
  • Responsible for training set-up, including software installs, licenses, room booking, etc.
  • Responsible for all technical support for eXtyles, XMetaL, MathType, MathFlow
  • Responsible for all follow-up to training

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